How do I view applications for ACE?

You can view your school’s ACE applicants by logging into your school’s FACTS account and then going to Grant & Aid > Applications. There you should find a report titled “2024-2025 ACE Scholarships Application Status”. You can use that report to view ACE applications from families connected to your school.

Applications need to be in a VER or DOC status at 11:59pm on April 15th for consideration in awarding. Those in SBM status will not be considered as they are incomplete.

Below is a table with a description of each section to help you read the report:


Column Description
Student ID The Student ID is also a hyperlink and when selected takes you to view the Application Summary, where more detailed information for the applicant is listed.
Student Name The student’s name listed on the application.
Grade Indicates the grade level the student will be enrolled in the upcoming school year. This is provided by the applicant.
App Status Indicates the current application status. 
  • VER = Verified (the application is 100% completed and documents are uploaded)
  • SBM = Submitted (they have started the application. Further action is needed from the applicant prior to FACTS review.)
  • DOC = Documents in Process (they have uploaded something, and those documents are currently being reviewed by FACTS. Once reviewed, the application will either move to VER if complete, or SBM with a notification sent to the applicant that further action is needed.)
  • DNF = Do Not File (the applicant specified that they do not file US taxes for 2023-> Applications with DNF status do not provide official tax documents and should be reviewed prior to ensure the applicant reported any nontaxable income, and then be considered complete. Applicants with DNF status will never move to VER status as FACTS does not have the tax documents needed to verify the application.)
Submit Date The date the application was submitted/completed.
Tax Return Year The year of the tax return submitted or the status of the tax return.
  • DNR = Did not receive a tax return
  • INC = Incomplete tax return
  • DNF = Applicant does not file a tax return
  • Waived = Both the current year and prior year tax return requirements were waived by the institution/organization. 

What do schools need to do once applications open?

See video here on FACTS Training for ACE Scholarships Organizations.

Your families have begun applying for ACE Scholarships on FACTS. What do you do now? 

If families have a question about their FACTS account, please have them call FACTS customer support at 856.746.6521.

Your first step is to keep an eye on those who have applied and make sure they are getting their applications completed and documents uploaded before April 15th. 

  • Verified means the application is 100% completed and documents are uploaded. 
  • Submitted means they have only started and submitted the application.  
  • Documents in Process means they have uploaded something, and those documents are currently being reviewed by FACTS.  

ACE Scholarships will begin reviewing applications after the application window closes on April 15th at 11:59 PM.  

We will notify schools after we have finished making our review and awards.  

  • We will send award notifications to families over the summer before the school year begins. 


2024-2025 Flyers

School User Tips for Helping Families apply for ACE Scholarship

For School User Tips for Helping Families apply for ACE Scholarship click here

A family applied to ACE but I’m not seeing their application listed under the applications at my school?

If you have a family that you believe applied to ACE but are unable to see their application, there may be multiple reasons why this is happening:

  • They haven’t completed the application for ACE. Please have the family double check that they applied for ACE as well. If they need assistance, they can contact FACTS at 856-746-6521.
  • If you’re certain they applied, it’s most likely that they listed another school as their preferred school. In that case, they will be listed under the applications for that school. This is something that they family themselves can check and/or change.
  • If you are facing issues with accessing your school’s FACTS account please contact FACTS by calling 856-746-6521 (press 2 for schools and then 1 for FACTS). 

When should families apply?

The ACE Scholarship application for the 2024-2025 school year was open from Monday, February 5th through Monday, April 15th at 11:59 p.m. Please look for the 2025-2026 application to open in early February 2025 and apply at that time should you like. We are happy to help families as they apply for an ACE Scholarship and have much more ability to help applicants during the open application window rather than after the application closes.