How is payment received?

In all markets except for Louisiana, schools will verify enrollment for awarded students once per semester. Semester 1 enrollment verification will be completed in FACTS in September, and Semester 2 enrollment will be verified in January. Once ACE receives complete enrollment verification information from schools, we will then send first semester payment (50% of the total awards) for your awarded scholars in one payment to your school directly via ACH direct deposit or physical check, whichever your school prefers. You can then allocate the funds to the individual students’ accounts. We will repeat this same process second semester with the remaining 50% of funds to follow. Schools can expect to receive payments by November and March.

In Louisiana, by law, awards are to be paid in quarterly installments in September, December, February, and May. Schools first complete quarterly enrollment verification of awarded students. Additionally, as required by law, schools will receive physical checks made out to the parent/guardian of awarded student. The parent will endorse the check over to the school for deposit.

How is the scholarship applied to my costs?

ACE Scholarships can only be applied towards tuition. Awards will be sent to schools following enrollment verification. We will begin verifying student enrollment in early September. As long as your student is enrolled at the school listed in their FACTS application, the award will be sent to that school. Families are responsible for working out a payment plan with the school for the remainder of the tuition.

Can my award be used for anything other than tuition?

No, ACE Scholarships can only be applied to tuition. 

I already paid my tuition in full; will I get a refund from the school?

If you have personally paid the full tuition and are granted scholarship, please reach out to the school. Awards can only be applied towards tuition and can cover a maximum of 50% of the tuition. Families are responsible for working out a payment plan with the school for the remainder of the tuition that the award does not cover