When are award notifications sent?

Award notifications will be sent via FACTS in the month of June. They will not come from ACE so please ensure that your email in FACTS is accurate. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your email if you think you may have missed a communication from FACTS.  

Did my award acceptance survey go through? I didn’t receive confirmation.  

Congratulations on being awarded an ACE Scholarship! 

You will not receive confirmation that your acceptance survey went through. Your responses are automatically saved by the survey. If anything, else is needed regarding your survey completion, ACE will reach out to you.

My other child/ren didn’t get awarded, can the award be applied to one of them instead?

Awards are given on an individual level. Awards cannot be transferred from one student to another, even students in the same family.

There are multiple reasons why one student in a family may receive an award while another does not. One child may qualify, while the other does not. For example, if one student is entering a grade level that we do not offer scholarships for. Additionally, we may not have enough funds to award both students in the family.