When will I know if my child is awarded?

Award notifications will be sent via FACTS in the month of June. They will not come from ACE so please ensure that your email in FACTS is accurate. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder in your email if you think you may have missed a communication from FACTS.

Why wasn't I awarded?

There are multiple reasons why a student may not have been awarded. In order to be awarded an ACE Scholarship, families must meet the qualifications and complete their application on FACTS by the application deadline, including all required documentation. 

Some years we have more applicants than funds available, meaning not all qualified applicants will receive an award. We award as many students as we are able given the funding available. When awarding, ACE first prioritizes returning scholars then by greatest need among all qualified applicants within the state.

Applicants who are not awarded are encouraged to apply again in the following year.

If awarded, how does my child receive the scholarship?

Awards will be sent to schools following enrollment verification. ACE will begin verifying student enrollment in early September. As long as your student is enrolled at the primary school listed in their FACTS application, the award will be sent to that school. Families are responsible for working out a payment plan with the school for the remainder of the tuition.